Steering Committee TORs

The roles and responsibilities of the Steering Committee are:

• Guide and oversee the SOFF strategic direction and operations

• Adopt SOFF governance and operations documents, including the SOFF Operational Manual

• Adopt SOFF work and financial programme

• Approve SOFF funding requests and the work plan and budget of the SOFF Secretariat

• Endorse SOFF strategic and supporting operational documents, including the SOFF Operational Guidance Handbook and the resource mobilization and outreach strategy

• Review financial and programmatic reports from the Trustee and the SOFF Secretariat and indicate necessary actions as needed

• Commission SOFF evaluations

• Endorse Advisory Board composition and review Advisory Board recommendations and take actions as needed to maximize synergies across the whole meteorological value chain and to ensure last-mile impact

• Exercise such other functions as it may deem appropriate to fulfill the purposes of SOFF