WMO Open Consultative Platform

Over the last years, WMO, in cooperation with various partners, has been developing a new approach for greater engagement between the public, private and academic sectors operating in the global weather enterprise. In 2019, the World Meteorological Congress WMO refined guidance and policies to encourage and enable Member countries and to pursue mutually beneficial partnerships and engagement with all sectors and stakeholders in order to enhance weather, climate and water services for business, individuals and society as a whole.

Global Weather Enterprise Forum

Public, private and academic sectors working together to meet the growing challenge of hazardous weather. The Global Weather Enterprise is the value chain of activities of the public, private and academic sectors providing accurate, reliable, and timely weather and climate-related information. It contributes to the safety of life and property, poverty reduction, and the promotion of economic development. The Global Weather Enterprise Forum is an open dialogue across the global weather enterprise generating new ideas to improve the delivery and sustainability of weather, climate, and water services. 

Association of
Equipment Industry

The association represents and promotes the views of over 140 Private sector companies striving to advance the technologies, standards, operational uses and sustainability of Equipment, Software, systems, and Services supporting the Global Weather Enterprise