Country Hydromet Diagnostics: Prototype for road-testing

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World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
Published by: WMO; 2020

The Country Hydromet Diagnostics responds to the need for a standardized, integrated and operational tool and approach for diagnosing National Meteorological Services, their operating environment, and their contribution to high-quality weather, climate, hydrological and environmental information services and warnings. The Diagnostics is an umbrella tool that draws on and adds value to existing WMO assessment material by synthesizing existing approaches and data into an easily interpretable form, validating the information provided by WMO Members through a peer review process, and obtaining missing information.

The Diagnostics aims at informing policy and investment decision-making, in particular guiding investments of the members of the Alliance for Hydromet Development. The Alliance brings together major development and climate finance partners behind a joint commitment to strengthen developing country hydromet capacity. Through the Diagnostics, developing countries are expected to benefit from better targeted and aligned support.