SOFF Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the decision-making body of SOFF.

Main functions:

Strategic direction: Provide strategic direction that is consistent with the objective and scope of SOFF, taking into account the recommendations from the Advisory Board, and review and endorse strategic documents

Operations and programming: Review and adopt the SOFF Operational Manual and the SOFF work programme, approve funding requests and the budget for the operation of the SOFF Secretariat

Oversight: Review and endorse financial and programmatic monitoring reports from the SOFF Secretariat and the Trustee and commission independent external evaluations.

SOFF Advisory Board

The Advisory Board brings together relevant stakeholders across the meteorological value chain to provide recommendations to the Steering Committee.

Main functions:

Strategic direction: Provide recommendations to the SOFF Steering Committee on SOFF strategic direction

Operations and programming: Provide strategic advice on programming and the portfolio of operations and contribute to assessing and maximizing the results of SOFF

Synergies: Facilitate dialogue and consultations to maximize synergies between SOFF and the Advisory Board Members’ and other relevant stakeholders’ activities across the meteorological value chain

Learning and innovation: Provide insights and foster learning and innovation.


The United Nations Multi-Partner Trust Fund (UNMPTF) Office performs the Administrative Agent function of SOFF.

Main functions:

SOFF administration: Receive, administer, and release funds to IEs, WMO and other parties in accordance with decisions from the Steering Committee, prepare the consolidated financial reports and coordinate the necessary audits.

SOFF governance and operations: Support the financial aspects of SOFF programming and operations and provide advice on operational and strategic documents

SOFF Secretariat

The SOFF Secretariat is hosted by WMO and follows WMO financial and staff regulations and rules with respect to all administrative policies and procedures.

It comprises a team of professional and administrative staff and operates under the overall guidance of the Steering Committee and is accountable to it.

The SOFF Secretariat work plan and budget for the SOFF First Implementation Period can be viewed here.

Main functions:
  • Governance: Serve the SOFF Steering Committee and the SOFF Advisory Board in performing their functions
  • Operations and programming: Coordinate SOFF operations, including programming and appraisal processes, and facilitate coordination and collaboration between beneficiary countries, IEs, peer advisors and WMO Technical Authority (see Section 4.4)
  • Financing: Liaise with the Trustee to ensure the Steering Committee is informed about the SOFF UNMPTF administration and fiduciary oversight and collaborate with the Trustee to ensure it has the required information to perform its duties
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: Monitor the SOFF portfolio and its performance based on information provided by peer advisors, the IEs, beneficiary countries and the Trustee, and per the SOFF results framework
  • Communication: Engage SOFF stakeholders and facilitate information sharing and learning, transparent communication and outreach
  • Resource mobilization and outreach: Coordinate SOFF resource mobilization and outreach activities in close collaboration with the Steering Committee.

Document Repository

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