The Implementation

A sequenced approach

A 10-year implementation period and three phases of support.

SOFF support is provided in three phases:

1. Readiness

SOFF will support countries to assess their national hydromet status, define the national GBON gap and develop a plan to close the gap. All beneficiary countries will undergo the Readiness phase.


2. Investment

Countries will receive support for capital investments in GBON infrastructure and to developing GBON human and institutional capacity to operate and maintain the observing network.


3. Compliance

Countries will receive support to sustain compliance with GBON in the long-term and to access improved weather forecast and climate analysis products. This includes the provision of results-based finance for GBON-compliant countries to contribute to cover operational and maintenance costs and ensure continuous data sharing.


SOFF has an initial 10-year horizon. Based on feedback from the Funders’ Forum, on bilateral conversations, and the practice and experience of other UN MPTFs, SOFF is established as a 10-year programme with a modular implementation approach, and an initial focus, including for fundraising, on the First Implementation Period.

There will be three implementation periods of the 10-year programme:

  • Start-up Period (6 months from the time minimum capitalization is secured
  • First Implementation Period (3 years)
  • Expansion and Sustaining Period (6½ years)