Country Support Initiative

Increasing effectiveness of investments in weather, climate and hydrological services

The CSI is a mechanism that will provide WMO advisory services to developing countries and development partners. It will harvest the expertise and knowledge from WMO Members and its vast institutional network. The CSI will provide technical support on developing, implementing and evaluating hydromet related projects. It will target in particular projects developed by entities accredited to the  Green Climate Fund, the Adaptation Fund and Global Environment Facility to ensure these contribute to strengthen national, regional and global hydrometeorological systems and capacity. 

The CSI is forming a “high ambition coalition” with the objective of increasing the effectiveness of investments. It will provide demand-driven, objective and rapid response advice. The CSI will bring together bilateral partners that contribute to the multi-donor trust fund, national hydrometeorological offices that provide advisory services, as well as developing countries and development partners that request support from the initiative. 

Country Hydromet Diagnostics

Benchmarking National Meteorological Services to track progress on closing the capacity gap is a commitment of the Alliance for Hydromet Development. Therefore, the Country Hydromet Diagnostics (CHD) is being developed as a standardized, integrated and operational way of diagnosing these Services, their operating environment, and their contribution to high-quality weather, climate, hydrologicbal and environmental information services, and warnings. The Diagnostics is both, a tool and a peer-review approach. As peers, advanced National Meteorological and Hydrological Services from developed and developing countries will undertake the Diagnostics, strictly applying the tool. The peer review will be undertaken through the WMO Country Support Initiative.

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